About Pink Hub

A mobile companion to help women live through the breast cancer journey

Why Pink Hub?

Carolin (our founder) was a 37 year-old active, healthy, working mother when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even as a doctor, she had a really hard time finding relevant, practical information that allowed her to manage her day-to-day life. Was exercise okay? If so, how much, and what kind? Were there any cancer-fighting recipes she and her family could enjoy? What about clean makeup and hair or skin care? Could she lift her toddler with her affected arm? Why, after treatment, was her shoulder so immobile?

If a doctor with her background and access to the best medical information could not find answers, how could a person without these resources find the answers?

What is Pink Hub?

Pink Hub is a mobile companion we are building to answer these questions. We are here to accompany you on this journey called breast cancer, to be at your side throughout all the different stages, and remain there after your treatments are completed. Our goal is to keep you mentally and physically fit and informed at every step of the way. We will provide information so that you can understand your cancer, the steps of your journey, and some of the possible outcomes. We will help keep you engaged by offering meditation activities, recipes, and exercises to help you keep control. Finally, we will match you with others in similar demographics and cancers to help you support each other.

How can you help?

We are very interested to learn about your experiences regarding breast cancer. Take our survey so that we can consider your thoughts.

Our Team

Carolin Dohle

Chief Executive Officer - Founder

Picture of Carolin Dohle, Chief Executive Officer

Darryl Challenger

Chief Technology Officer - Founder

Picture of Darryl Challenger, Chief Technology Officer