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Pink Hub is a companion for women living with breast cancer that serves to inform, empower, and guide, so that women do not have to search and suffer alone.

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Navigating the information highway after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming and daunting and we hope to be able to supply with you with one central place where you can find an array of information to help you on your journey. Pink Hub provides an array of educational and supplemental literature for you which will serve to help you make sense of the influx of information you have received and give you the tools you will need to live your very best life. Pink Hub is here to guide and support you and serve as a fund of different types of information, all in one place.



Part of Pink Hub’s mission is to empower each and every one of you to be fully informed about your breast cancer and to take control of your situation, providing you with a companion of resources that will assist in enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By offering fitness routines, mindfulness, meditative, and yoga exercises, and a variety of self-care routines, we hope you feel better equipped to meet the demands and challenges you may experience and live beyond breast cancer beautifully.


Nothing can replace the human connection and helping to initiate invaluable relationships between survivors is something Pink Hub strives to do. Using diagnostic and demographic correlation, we will match you with someone who is on a complementary path so that you can share this journey together. We will also provide resources to help you connect to people in the greater community. You are not and will never be alone, especially during these challenging and uncertain times we are living in. Being part of a larger support network is more crucial now more than ever.


The Pink Hub team is excited to help you navigate your breast cancer journey. We’re just getting started, come back soon for more resources and information about our app that will be launching this fall.

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